About Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu began with a desperate son who was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and a loving father who refused to give up. When Pax Prentiss finally told his father, Chris, about his multiple drug addictions, he had already been abusing substances for ten years. By then, he was relentlessly addicted to marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and heroin with no hope in sight.

With Pax’s confession, Chris now finally had an answer as to what was making his son regularly lie and steal, and why he had ostracized himself from his peer groups and his family. It was a tough situation to deal with, but together, the two tried every traditional approach available to conquer Pax’s addiction. They were sure that one of these conventional methods had to prevail.

Unfortunately, anonymous group meetings, 12-step programs, and even emergency room visits would only provide temporary results at best. Pax would abstain from drugs and alcohol for brief periods of time, only to relapse again for reasons that he just could not put into words. Pax desperately wanted to find sobriety, but nothing seemed to be working, and neither Chris nor Pax could put their finger on exactly why. If the desire to become sober was there, shouldn’t the results be sure to follow?

After multiple attempts, Pax and Chris sat down and began to think about what the real problem could be. They soon realized that whether Pax was in a therapy setting or in the hospital, modern treatments always seemed to force Pax to label himself as an addict with a disease. With these harsh negative stereotypes in place, it was no wonder that Pax felt so powerless to stop. In addition, the large group sessions did not provide him with enough personal attention to develop keen insight, and on top of that, it was embarrassing being forced to converse with strangers about such a sensitive topic.

With this in mind, Pax and Chris refocused their attention on alternatives to modern treatments, and eventually they came across holistic solutions. The organic methods they learned about gave power to the individual without any negative labeling. The intensive one-on-one approach sounded much more favorable than the group sessions Pax had been forced to undergo before. The two knew that they were on the right path, and they became completely inspired to learn more.

Using these holistic methods, Pax was able to do more for himself than any treatment had allowed him to do before. Holistic practices enabled him to get to the very root of his addiction so that he could eliminate the factors that were compelling him to use in the first place. In doing so, Pax was finally able to free himself from his incessant addictions.

In 2001, Chris and Pax became the founders of Passages Malibu, the first luxury rehabilitation center to exclusively use holistic practices to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Soon after, patients were arriving from all over the globe to receive a customized treatment program that would work for them. Now, after 15 years of improving the lives of others, Pax and Chris are ready to reach you.

Passages Malibu