Where is Malibu, CA?

Nestled on the southern tip of California is the ever-sunny city of Malibu (18 miles west of Santa Monica, and 33 miles west of Los Angeles). With the Pacific Ocean shimmering at its back for a full 23 miles, Malibu is a pleasant seaside town with the perfect combination of lush greenery and serene natural beaches.

What is It Like Staying in Malibu, CA?

Malibu is a quiet and laid-back retreat where a subtropical climate is ready to nourish you all year long. Whether you crave high levels of activity or simply desire some time off to relax and find yourself, Malibu offers the best sun tanning spots, nature hikes and surfing locales to be found in all of California.

Better still, Malibu is one of the most exclusive high-fashion capitals of the nation. Celebrities and high-end socialites alike regularly frequent the various upscale stores and boutiques, so if you enjoy shopping, then know Malibu offers only the very best.

The Benefits of Living in Malibu

Ever since its inception in 1991, the city of Malibu has been steadily increasing its entertainment options to accommodate an influx of fascinated tourists. Here is what you can expect to find when you come to visit:

  • Incredible Scenery – You’ll gain unfettered access to some of the most calming beaches in the entire world (Paradise Cove, Lagoon State Beach and Zuma Beach, just to name three).
  • Entertainment Abounds – Celebrate sobriety with award-winning oceanfront dining (like Mastro’s Ocean Club or the Malibu Pier Restaurant), local events, and elite shopping.
  • High-Quality Amenities – Museums, landmarks, and other cultural facilities are waiting to enrich you in a luxurious small town environment that has a completely revamped infrastructure.
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Fun Things to Do in Malibu, CA

  • Pristine Beaches – Zuma Beach and Amarillo Beach are great for dolphin-spotting during high tide, while Lagoon State Beach is the premiere surfing area. Of course, Escondido Beach offers a quieter experience with miles of open sand.
  • Snorkeling Tours – Professional diving companies will gladly show you where the most beautiful aquatic life can be peacefully observed in crystal-clear waters.
  • Hiking Trails – What better way to reflect on what you’ve learned at Passages than by surrounding yourself in nature’s glory? Recovering at Passages Malibu means that you’re only miles away from the Zumas, Trancas, and Solstice Canyons.
  • Award-Winning Restaurants – Malibu is dotted with dozens of fine-dining establishments that are located right on the water. These oceanic backdrops are so beautiful that you’ll have no problems rediscovering your thirst for life again.

Your Incredible Journey Starts Here...At Malibu

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