What is the Difference Between California Luxury Rehab and Ordinary Rehab?

Aside from the overall quality of the facilities themselves, there is a big difference in the approach of California luxury rehab programs when compared to regular detoxification programs. Whereas regular detoxification programs mainly focus on treating the chemical dependency itself (and little more), California luxury rehab treats the chemical addiction while also getting to the core of whatever it is that’s causing the substance abuse to begin with.

How Does California Luxury Rehab Work?

Unlike ordinary rehabilitation programs, which often rely solely on group therapy sessions, California luxury rehab utilizes a full team of licensed professionals to fully evaluate your addiction on an individualized basis. Not only will you be safely detoxified by a team of medical workers, but you will also have a full holistic treatment plan developed with your specific strengths and weaknesses in mind.

This unique holistic approach combines the very best principles of Eastern and Western medicines to rid you of addiction by using natural supplementations and proven alternative philosophies. In addition, instead of forcing you to rely on another person to maintain your sobriety, California luxury rehab teaches you how to develop new behavioral patterns so that you can learn to fully rely on yourself.

California Luxury Rehab vs. Ordinary Rehab

Ordinary rehab programs typically offer only the bare minimum to get you sober, whereas California luxury rehab contains so much more:

  • Private Sessions – Group meetings can actually be embarrassing and cause people to hold back. Luxury rehab offers one-on-one therapy with trained professionals.
  • World-Class Facilities – You will enjoy a luxurious detox unit, top-notch gyms and spas, and private chefs who can modify food ingredients to suit your particular tastes.
  • Premiere Activities – Boating, fishing, yoga meditation, gym workouts, and other methods of self-discovery are automatically bundled into your recovery package (along with your very own private trainers as well).
  • Deluxe Treatment – While ordinary rehab programs only get the chemicals out of your system, California luxury rehab does the same while addressing the problem from additional psychological and nutritional standpoints.

The Main Difference

Above all else, California luxury rehab is designed to change more than just the way you view your addiction – it’s designed to modify your overall outlook on life. When you complete luxury rehab, you will be mentally and physically prepared to fully embrace the crucial aspects of life that you have most likely been neglecting or otherwise missing out on for far too long.

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