Passages Malibu: Our Philosophy

Far too many rehabilitation centers classify addiction as a mere disease. In doing so, they redefine an addiction as little more than the desire to use substances, which neglects other co-existing issues. While drugs and alcohol are certainly addictive, any rehabilitation center that labels clients as “addicts” ignores the deeper complexities of addiction, and therein lies the problem.

At Passages Malibu, we understand that you are much, much more than what your addiction currently allows. Our philosophy is to use premium organic techniques to rid you of your addiction in the safest, most natural ways available. Most importantly, unlike other treatment centers, we do not want to pity, lecture, or label you – we want only to encourage.

To achieve this, a team of caring experts will examine all of the possible sources of your addiction in order to get to the underlying cause. Through one-on-one private sessions, your team will respectfully learn more about your personal history so that they can ultimately form a solution that works for you.

From traditional medical examiners and psychologists, to spiritual counselors and life coaches, Passages Malibu has the knowledge and resources to resolve not only your physical addiction, but also the underlying psychological and emotional components as well.

Our guiding holistic principles are sure to provide you with all of the essential tools needed to end your addiction once and for all. Whether you have tried other forms of rehabilitation and relapsed, or if this is your very first try, Passages Malibu is ready to show you a different way to sobriety by using a new philosophy that you most likely never thought was possible.

Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab

The Four Causes of Addiction

Here are the four underlying conditions that create and maintain addiction. If you’re addicted, one or more of these underlying conditions are present.

Chemical Imbalance
Unresolved events from the past
Inability to cope with current conditions
Beliefs you hold which are not true
Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab